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RBZ Stage 2 Factory Sleeve 1.5 Degree Adjustable

RBZ Stage 2 Factory Sleeve 1.5 Degree Adjustable


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    TaylorMade  RBZ Stage 2  Factory Sleeve for Drivers and Fairway woods, available in R-H and L-H available in .335 and .350, .370 Rescue shaft tips with 1.5 degree adjust.


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    Collared Ferrule For Taper Tip Irons and many other popular Irons and Wedges, and Hybrids that fit .355 Tapper Tip Shafts

  • Titleist 910, 913, Driver Woods, Hybrid Ferrules

    The Titleist 910, and 913 (Driver only) has a special hosel with a reset collar and a Huge Outside diameter which make this very difficult to find the proper ferrules for repairing or re-shafting.... If you plan to remove this shaft from this Adjustable Sleeve you will need this Ferrule.

  • Titleist 910, 913, 915 CMX® Aftermarket Replacement Metal Sleeve .335

    Billy Bob's CMX Aftermarket Replacement Sleeve fits the Titleist  913, 915  (Driver Only) and the 910 D2 D3 Drivers and the  Fairway Woods....  .335 Shaft tip

    With the option to choosing 3 different Compound Collars, you could make 48 total  Adjustments to the overall club (any extra collars are sold separately.....sleeve comes with Factory 1/2 Collar.

    The OEM Version has only  16  (View Chart in Detail Section)

  • Titleist 910, CMX® Aftermarket Replacement Metal Sleeve .370 Hybrid

    Billy Bob's CMX Aftermarket Replacement Sleeve fits the Titleist  910 .370 Hybrid Woods

    We offer this in a Interchangeable  1/2º Compound Collar which is the Standard OEM Collar but   Please Note* This Sleeve and Collar will not fit into the Drivers and Woods

    they only fit in the Hybrids.

    (View Chart in Detail Section)

  • TaylorMade Ferrules RBZ, R11, R9 All colors incl. Ghost Ferrule™

    TaylorMade Ferrules RBZ, R11, R9 All colors including Ghost Ferrules™. We have Made all the Billy Bob's Ferrules that fit the Old and New Line of TaylorMade Line of Adjustable Clubs, they will fit the Factory Sleeve or our After Market sleeve also.  You now have many different choices to Look Good.

  • TaylorMade R1 Factory TP.335 Sleeve

        TaylorMade R1 Factory Sleeve,TP .335 with 2 degree adjust (4 degrees total).  Fits new R1 and RBZ Stage 2 drivers and fairway woods. ( NOTE: while this sleeve will fit the RBZ Stage 2 driver, the factory RBZ Stage 2 driver is only a 1.5 degree adjust.. This sleeve will give an additional 1 degree of adjustment over the standard factory sleeve when installed in the RBZ Stage 2 clubhead).

  • SLDR TaylorMade Factory Replacement Ferrule

    TaylorMade SLDR Factory Replacement Ferrule, you will need this ferrule if you remove or replace the shaft from the sleeve. Fits both .335 or .350 shaft tips.


    Quick Note*  The R1 and RBZ Stage 2 Metal Sleeve will fit in the SLDR Head.

  • Titleist 913, 915 CMX® Hybrid Sleeve .370

     Billy Bob's New 913, 915 CMX ® Aftermarket  Hybrid Adjustable Sleeve will give you all the 16 different settings like the Factory Club, Titlest change the 913 sleeve, its shorter and will not fit the old style 910 Hybrid, we made it's so you don't have to use a ferrule,  it's very easy to remove and replace shafts. .

    Avail: .370 only

  • Nike VR-S Covert FleXloft and VR-S 2.0 Adjustable Sleeve

    Nike's   VR-S Covert  and New VR-S 2.0 Covert...Authentic Original Factory Replacement Sleeve,  It is adjustable from 8o to 12o degrees  with 3 face angles, closed, neutral, and open

    Combination Sleeve Fits both R-H and L-H .335 tip.




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