Nike STR8-Fit Ferrule Instruction Manual

Billy Bob’s Instructions

Removal and Replacement

New Nike STR8-Fit Replacement Ferrule for the

Nike Series Adjustable Metal Sleeve

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  • Nike SQ Dymo STR8-Fit

Below is a step by step instructions for the Billy Bob Replacement Ferrule for Both the Standard and the VR STR8-FIT adaptors.

You will Not need any special tools to remove the shaft
from the Factory Aluminum Sleeve. Any conventional shaft puller can be used.

Step #1 Place Ferrule and Sleeve in Conventional Shaft Puller

Step #2 Heat the Aluminum Sleeve, use the ferrule to cushion the top half of the sleeve against the puller head, You can’t save the ferrule….

Step #4 Give it time to cool down, Remove the sleeve

Step #5 Clean out any old expoxy from the metal sleeve

Step #6 It’s our feeling that a little coning on the factory sleeve is best, for protecting the new shaft

Step #7 Insert the ferrule and sleeve and mark the area you need to abrade the shaft

Step #8 As you see the ferrule and the sleeve have a Timing mark, it can only go on one way

Step #9 Apply epoxy inside the sleeve and small area around the shaft so the ferrule will
adhere to the shaft, do not get any epoxy on the swivel collar, it must be free to move, you are gluing the ferrule to the shaft

Special Instructions on the
  • Nike VR STR8-Fit (NON-TOUR)
  • Nike VR Pro
  • Nike VR Pro Fairway Woods

The Nike VR Series has a different sleeve than the Dymo and the Machspeed It has more adjustments and the sleeve is .030 larger in Diameter. The sleeve pictured above will not sit flat on the metal sleeve without some adjustments. Instructions below will help you to make those minor adjustments.

VR collar pictured above is .030 larger you will have to enlarge the opening of the ferrule.

Reaming it out with a .435 fluted reamer You will be removing the first step and the timing mark inside the ferrule.

Slight pressure will remove the first step and timing mark

You can now install the ferrule but remember to align the timing mark with the down arrow indicating the neutral position as shown above, use a simple white maker to indicate the neutral position on the spline.

1 Down arrow is Neutral.
2 Timing Mark is Neutral on sleeve collar.
3 White marker indicates Neutral on the spine area

2 thoughts on “Nike STR8-Fit Ferrule Instruction Manual

    • bill says:

      Dear Big,
      Answer is Yes you may be able to find them on E BAY. That is what I was told, I made the ferrule for the sleeve when they came out, but it was impossible to find the sleeve any where, couldn’t get them from Nike. So I believe that the existing stock of these were sold to someone in China which I believe he sells them on e bay. for a premium Price. Hope this helps If you need the ferrule I got thousands of them.

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