NEW 3M 810 Epoxy NS Tan

NEW 3M 810 Epoxy NS Tan

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Weight 0.75 lbs
SKU Epoxy 3M 810 Tan

   We have found that this Acrylic adhesive 810 NSTan  non-sage (better adhesion) is the best epoxy that is available.... it is use by PXG exclusively , it has an unbelievable sheer strength...  10 min work time and can be hit  with full strength in 30 Minutes, the problem is that it is very expensive use only on the clubs that need to be bullet proof.

This come in a 1.7 cartridge and you well need the the Billy Bob's  Epoxy Cartridge Gun is the easiest way to dispense epoxy using 1.7 oz. cartridges or 50 ML cartridges. The gun will dispense 1:2 or 1:1 mixing ratios, there is no need for changing plungers. Also we have found that dispensing the epoxy without the mixing tips easier. Put the epoxy straight on to the mixing board, wipe the tip clean and install the cap back on the cartridge. This saves the cost of buying mixing tips and uses less epoxy. Be sure to mix the epoxy thoroughly.

 Also please note that you may want to clear the nozzle with a pick or all. Remove any harden epoxy in the nozzle when removing the cap. This will assure a clean flow of epoxy.